Monday, August 1, 2011

Wants and Desires

I was amazed the entire time I was on the Katy Trail how few people were on it. Our entire ride, we saw maybe 20 other folks on bikes in 230 miles or so. Plus 10 on horses. That was it.

I can't begin to imagine how crazy a path like this would be in Denver. You'd have a hard time getting on to it. You'd be hard pressed to see the chat at all, it would be so covered with riders. But, judging from the condition of the sidewalks and the complete absence of cross walk signals, people in that neck of the woods don't go outside very often.
Our paths are crowded, like the Platte River Trail toward Mineral. or not very attractive, industrial, and smelly, like the other end of it.

I don't think the average Missourian knows what coolness resides in his back yard. And some days, I'd much rather be riding those trails.

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