Sunday, April 29, 2012


Sometimes, you just have to go where there are no people.
Headframe, abandoned shaft mine, Cripple Creek Mining Distrct

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Geared Hubs, revisited

It has been just over a year with my Globe Daily 3. A year of gravel, chat, bike paths, city streets, commuting, touring, and some of the best spinning of petals I have ever experienced. Here's what I like about this bike.

My Globe 3, north of Denver in Adams County
 Shot with an Olympus XA on Kodak Ektar 100
Previously, I've ridden frankenbikes. The last before this one was built on a frame from 1964. Heavy, and rough. This bike seemed to have come from another world, at first. I felt as if it was pulling me up hills and could coast forever. The difference between a 50 pound bike and a 26 pounder was like day and night.

I had wanted reliability. The Globe has delivered. Aside from a few brake adjustments, chain cleaning and  lube, and a couple of tubes, there has been nothing to do with this bike except ride it. Which is exactly how things should be in my world. And I wouldn't have needed the tube replacements except for a sidewall defect in the rear tire.

I change things as they become problems. The seat was an issue according to a lot of reviewers. I'd have to say it's just adequate. It works with bike shorts, but not so much without. I'm looking in to a Brooks, but I do a lot of parking on streets, so I'll have to remove it when I lock up. Caliper brakes aren't the best, but I can fix them in the field. Discs and such, not so much. I've really only had issues with handlebars. The limited hand positions keep leading to numbness. It's time for this to change. Perhaps a new head, but definitely new bars. I find myself racking up serious miles, day in and day out. Being comfortable wouldn't hurt.

It likes to roll along at around 12 to 15 mph. That range seems ideal, for four to six hours. The hub has been like every one I've owned, flawless and bulletproof. I could go faster, but I'm not looking for that. I like thinking and talking to my girl while I ride. Target heart rates don't enter in to that.

This bike will be around for a while. And that's about the best recommendation I can make.