Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Ancient and Honorable Order of the Squirrels

My girlfriend and I were bored, and looking forward to getting out of Denver for a bit, like we do every weekend. I put together a suggestion list of what to do. When I added one that read "Join the Ancient and Honorable Order of the Squirrels" she laughed and said that had to be what we did.

In order to join, all you have to do is hike up Devil's Head in the Pike National forest, around a mile and a half. Then you clamber up the stairs set in the side of the mountain to the lookout tower. This is the last manned lookout tower in the Pike National Forest.  The Ranger lives in a cabin at the base of the tower. He has no running water, but he does have electricity. He hikes out for supplies weekly and stands watch from about 9 am to sunset. Aside from the crowded weekends during the summer, it's a pretty quiet existence. He just waits for smoke, and then uses the 1908 vintage smoke plotter to radio down the mountain and alert the closest fire stations. That, and hand out membership cards to those who have made the pilgrimage and joined the order. I'll have some further pictures when I have time to develop them, later.

There's always something interesting, and off beat, you can find to do in this state. Moving here was a good idea.

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