Katy Trail Ride, 2011

In June of 2011, my girlfriend and I rode the Katy trail. It was a combination birthday and grad school graduation gift for her. It cemented our love of riding together, and created a love of touring.

Here are the individual entries of this trip:

The Prologue
Some tips about planning, the drive out, and weirdness in Kansas.

Day One
Clinton to Sedalia: the high point of the trail, and a great first day.

Day Two
Sedalia to Rocheport: burgers in Booneville, and a night in the Katy Trail Bed and Bikefest

Day Three
Rocheport to Hartsburg: the sky is falling!

Day Four
Hartsburg to Rhineland: Standing Rock and the Doll House

Day Five
Rhineland to Augusta: Corn, blown tubes, and the Lindenhof B and B

Day Six
Augusta to St. Charles: end of the trail ride for us- this time, and a visit to MonstroCity

We could have ridden it faster, but it was our first trip and we didn't want to over-commit. There were some of the usual first time mistakes- such as some gear that could have been better, and some changes in the itinerary, but it was a perfect first experience. We talk of riding it again, maybe the reverse direction, including the extension to Machens, and there will be countless other rides as well.

I can't tell you how important the Bike Katy Trail web site is when planning a ride on this trail. It helped plan how many miles per day, pick out eating stops, and I made all the reservations through the site. One stop and your ride is planned.

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