Saturday, July 23, 2011

Rhineland to Augusta

The french toast was tasty, filled with a whip cream and heavy cream concoction. Hey, you need all that fat to energy while riding. Or so I told myself as I finished breakfast.

Looked almost like a railroad sand house, but probably
just the local granary. 
A nice easy riding day, crossing mile after mile of farmland, crops coming in well. In fact, some of that corn was almost freakishly high, clearly violating the "knee high by fourth of July" rule.

Blew the first tube of the trip on my bike, and changed it on the side of the trail. There was markedly more traffic on this part of the trail, and a couple stopped and offered to help, but I was all but done by that point. Our pump was not being helpful, and I called to see if there was a bike shop nearby but there wasn't. The B&B owner offered to come and get us, but I just limped on in to town on about 25 pounds of pressure in my rear tire.

We ate at the Augusta Brewing Company, and met up with the couple that had stopped to help us again. It turns out they were on their first bike trip as well. Thanked them again for stopping. It's just good form. If you see a bike down, you should always stop and check it out.

The Lindenhof B&B was astounding  We were in a room modeled after the honeymoon suite in a side-wheel steamboat in 1856. Decking on the floors, tongue in groove walls, huge bed set in to the wall, lace curtains and all. The lithograph from Harper's Illustrated that had to have inspired it was on the wall. It was just beautiful. The only nod to modern times was the camouflaged air conditioner, which I was grateful for.

I really liked Augusta. It was a neat little town, and the people were exceptionally nice to us.

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