Monday, July 4, 2011


The first thing to start me in the direction of this blog was an urge to be moving. I sit all day, some days. Like most, I inhabit a cube, staring at a computer screen. Which leads to the Great American Tradition: Office Weenie Syndrome. Inability to focus, weight gain, high cholesterol, feelings of helplessness and desperation. Clearly a change was in order.

This was the start of the changes:

A $50 Frankenbike off of Craigslist. The frame was a 1964 Murray LeMans. By the time I had taken this shot, the nearly useless hand brakes, the original wheels (complete with the original Shimano 3 speed hub), and the bent up short hipster handlebars were all gone. A new set of wheels, including a custom built rear from my local bike shop, new saddle, new bars, and a coaster brake (old school!) were all on. I took this shot with my mid-90s vintage Polaroid One Step, using the then brand-new Impossible Project black and white film. Rebirth was an ongoing theme at that time.

The bike got changed a few times over the years, and recently I gave it away to a friend. It re-introduced me to the joy of cycling, and maybe it will do the same to her.

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