Saturday, December 5, 2015

Staying on center

It’s been a hard few weeks in the world. A pretty heavy bombardment of bad things happening. Stress levels are pretty high, to boot. I’ve been touchy, off center, and hard to deal with as a result. That’s not helping anything.

Sometimes you just need to do something that makes you feel better to take you back to centered. The only time I’ve felt even slightly on center this past week, I wandered out of the office and away to take pictures.

shoot-477It wasn’t very far, just a few blocks of walking. It didn’t take long, I managed to do it on my lunch hour after I ate, but it helped. I need to walk and shoot to stay centered. Sometimes I seem to forget this fact, and life is less pleasurable as a result. So last week, I wandered the streets and took pictures of places I live near and work near and felt better. Head cleared, I could find center again, and go back to being the sort of person you want to be around.

shoot-478I think there’s a lesson in here. I think it could be time to spend a little more time out of the office when I can shoot. It’s hard during winter, when the sun is down before I get out of the office and not up for long before I go in. Soon enough, it won’t be up before I go and long down when I leave. Those months, it’s hard to be productive. But I will try. I think it’s time to pull off some of those banked vacation days from the shelf and put them to good use.

Unused, they’re not doing me any good. Used to keep centered, they make me a better, happier, more tolerable person, and that doesn’t help just me, but everyone around me as well.

So I think I’ll be spending more time out taking pictures, cold be damned. If things are going to keep going like they are, I’ll need to be centered more than I need to be warm.

Staying on center

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