Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Banjo Brothers Phone Pack, bar top mounted

shoot-343I’ve admitted to being a fan of Banjo Brothers in the past. Those crazy dudes from Minneapolis make some solid gear. The Phone Pack, bar top mounted is one of my favorites.

I’m definitely a commuter cyclist. I spend a lot of time going to and from on my bike. I’ll tour occasionally, but mostly I’m on my way to work or running errands. I’m firmly in the tucked pants leg, chain guard and fender camp and I like it. Commuting lowers your carbon footprint, clears your head, and makes you a better person. It can provide you with tales of daring-do, dodging cars and buses. It’s a good thing to do that’s good for you.

So I appreciate some solid commuter gear. I’ve already done revues on Banjo Brothers panniers and seat bags, which are solid commuter gear. But I’m not so sure The Phone Pack can be considered commuter gear.

shoot-342It’s a small pouch, holding a claimed 27 cubic inches, so not a lot fits in to it. It can serve as a pocket when you’re wearing bicycle shorts, which are mostly bereft of useful pockets. Keys and wallet can go in to the zipped compartment, and the phone can go on top, in a sleeve.

While in the sleeve, your phone is fairly protected from the weather by a clear plastic sheet. You can still operate your phone when it’s in there, the touch screen still works under the plastic. Which is handy, as the marketing information for the Phone Pack says, “The worlds best cyclo-computer is your phone.” This is very true, and the Phone Pack makes it easy to use your phone this way.

Everyone has their own favorite cycle app, I use Cyclemeter, but that’s not the only handy thing you can do with your phone since it’s so accessible. Not having to dig through a bag to find out if this little rain shower is going to go away soon or if the monsoons have caught you is a very good thing. Also, since Google’s bike route instructions are actually useful and getting better, it makes it easy to find your way using them when they’re right there and you can watch your little blue dot move down the trail.

shoot-344The Phone Pack is connected to your bars and the stem as well by Velcro straps. It’s not going anywhere once properly strapped on and those straps can be trimmed to fit cleanly.

As always, the Phone Pack can be purchased directly from Banjo Brothers on their website. But their website is the special kind of cool that will direct you to your LBS to buy if they carry it. Very solid, and very supportive of keeping your local bike scene alive.

Get your Phone Pack from the Banjo Brothers here.

The Banjo Brothers Phone Pack, bar top mounted

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