Saturday, July 28, 2012

gathering dust, shaking it off

We've been off of our rides of late. Doing some hikes.

Mostly I think it's a function of too many people and too much heat. All those days over 100 degrees wore us down. And when the heat broke, it turned in to a traffic problem.

Fortunately, we live somewhere where the solution is obvious. Go west and climb in to the mountains. Wandering among the tall pines can get the head uncluttered and settle the nerves.

We're off to Arizona for a week to visit family. And unfortunately we'll not be biking.

But, when we return, I have a strong desire to meander County Road 8 out of Phippsburg. The gravel miles have been lacking this year, and time in a national forest would be welcome, too.

Best of both worlds. Shaking the dust off by raising it on the backroads.

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