Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Family Portrait

My Globe Daily 3, my girlfriend's Specialized Sirrus
Taken with my Olympus XA, Ilford Delta 100 pushed to 400
The composition is pretty poor, but these are our bikes. I've had my Globe for a year or so now, she just got her Sirrus. I'm running out of lungs chasing her. Seems moving her to a bike that's about ten pounds less and higher geared is going to lead me to having to spend more time off the saddle in high gear.

But she grins non stop on the thing, and spends time plotting on sneaking a ride in constantly. Her first commute to work, about 15 miles each way, is tomorrow. She already put a rack on it for her panniers by herself. She can't wait.

So there we were, where the trail ends, north of Thorton, bright sun, good time being made, about to turn around and dash back to beat the thunderstorms.

Want to know the truth about bicycles?

It's pretty cool and lots of fun to ride them when you're a kid. And that never changes.

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